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These are teasers for yet another new Chinese funded luxury car brand.
(Like Le-Eco, Lucid Motors or Faraday Future)
Who knows if any of these will ever see the light of day, really (Although I really hope the fantastic looking Lucid Air car does)

This ons is a luxury Electric SUV.
They claim a range of over 300 miles.

The exterior teaser just reveal a regular SUV shape. But that front end looks like it would be really distracting for other drivers with all that LED light show.
Inside, things look OK.
But that giant screen could be downright dangerous. How are you supposed to look at the road itself?!?!

Sure, the teaser might be showing the self driving more. But that is probably still years away from being ready.
What about regular driving?
I’m not sure a screen the size of the whole dashboard is such a great idea.

Let’s just hope that in about 10 years, there will still be cars left we can all enjoy driving. That a few of them will be more than just watching yet another screen.
Things like this Byton area actually pretty sad and a bit scary…

The Byton will be introduced at CES. So if you’re in the Las Vegas area next week, you can head over the convention center and take a look for yourself.

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  1. Vince – You're being taken for a ride by "concept" cars like this.

    The dashboard screen; the front headlights… they would never pass U.S. safety regulations. They are just there for show … and to get as much notice as possible.

    The real goal of these "announcements" is getting maximum attention for a company that is unknown.

    Guess this kind of "product promotion" actually works. Media outlets (such as your site) will gush all over the "vapor car" that no one will actually be able to buy or drive anytime soon.

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