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 Nissan revived the Datsun brand to sell super low cost modes in emerging countries.
So none of these are good looking. But they are super cheap.
(Their little “Go” hatchback is around $7000)

But this new “SUV” is particularly ugly. Even for a cheap brand.
It will start at around $12 000 when it goes on sale in India.
Which actually isn’t that cheap fur such an ugly thing…

Looks like the interior can seat up to seven people.
But wait…

Look at that rear seat! I know it’s India. But still. The heads of whoever will be back there (probably kids) will be right against the glass.
It also looks like there is also about zero cargo space behind that seat..
I know safety regulations are vastly different around the world. But this is the worst I have seen. 
While it is called “Cross” there is no AWD or 4WD available. Power comes from a 1.2 Liter engine with 78HP and a CVT.

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  1. No AWD is fine for India. The ride height is there for bad roads, not "no roads." I know there are lots of places in India where 4WD is important, but most of a billion Indians live in places where the roads are just plain bad.
    I agree that the rear seat is terrible. I wonder if they will sell many with the third row option.

  2. Look for the silver lining, Vince. A guy can put his mother-in-law in that back seat and then try to get rear-ended.

  3. also Vince, in many of the poorest countries, there may not be and airbags in the vehicles, or crumple zones, side door crush protection (safety cage, etc) , no ABS brakes, and just the cheapest technology or lack of safety engineering. ''Just build it as cheap as we can and try to make some profit out of it''.

  4. Compact-Rugged is now a full fledged category in India. This is atelast bigger. India is looking to adapt EU crash regulations very soon, so these will likely be designed for that. And they seem to position the last row as occasional use. It looks alright, but Honda (Mobili) and Suzuki (Ertiga) are doing much better with the 7-seater designs.

  5. This car is far from ugly.

    No super model also but…

    Perhaps it shares some parts with the Dacia Duster (made in Romania by Renault).

    This car would sell like hot cakes in most places in Europe, in a 5 seater version.

    In Turkey or Russia it would be a it.

    Love your blog Vince!

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