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Another day, another Chinese car maker I had never heard of before: Changan.
They are actually not unknown, since they have been building cars for Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Peugeot for years. (They have built over 3 million cars in 2016!)
And apparently is China’s second most popular brand, with almost 1.5 million cars sold under their brand.
(Who knew!)
The new model pictured above is one of their own.
And it looks pretty nice. A little bit of Mazda, a little bit of Lexus. etc…I think it looks as good as many other cars from other manufacturers. (Plus, it looks to be a very popular choice among blond Chinese ladies)
What do you think?

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  1. This design looks pretty good.

    I am kinda looking forward now to Chinese companies hitting our market. GM is sourcing vehicles there, Volvo too, Ford will be soon, so why not get the real thing in here and see what they can do themselves. Plus all the offerings here have become exorbitant in pricing and need a kick in their butts.

    They can send some blonde Chinese ladies my way too.

  2. I like this alot…….good proportions. This would make a great next generation of the Mazda 3 hatchback.

  3. China's been learning how to make vehicles with the help of U.S. and European companies for decades thanks to China's auto production/partnership requirements and laws. Would be great to see these Chinese car makers be forced to partner with a U.S. Auto company in order to sell them here.

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