Digital License plate coming???

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Really? Why???

I think this is just an excuse to cram more advertising down out throats.

I am just curious, would anyone here be interested in something like this?

And why?

Would you be OK to drive a car with a commercial on the license plate?

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  1. I don't see an issue with it, especially uninsured notifications or if the vehicle was stolen, but I'm pretty sure the states are going to require that the license plate number be on it at all times and no less than 75% of the normal size.

  2. Like so many other clever ideas, it's only good until big government bureaucracy takes control and exploits it as state-sanctioned robbery.

  3. If the word stolen replaced the plate number when called in to the local pd, then that would be beneficial. What a useful tool.

  4. Seems like a good idea. Though it wouldn't really work for a front plate, since it'd be very vulnerable.

  5. I can totally see the next version of this. Drivers will now be able to send other drivers messages. A whole new level of road rage!

  6. I saw articles about this years ago, and the plates would be linked where it would only show for valid plates. Any issues with theft, insurance, taxes or registration and the state would be able to initiate various protocols. It's coming. Just a question of how quickly it all gets hacked and what proves an original versus a fake.

  7. i think there are a few very useful purposes, such as the Amber Alert, emergency alerts, insurance notifications, etc….but i also think the plate may get damaged in a rear ender and expensive to replace new or it will get vandalized /stolen or even hacked into somehow. Also, wondering if these plates make it tougher for police to track suspects (or maybe the technology makes it much better for law enforcement officers to catch the bad guys?)

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