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Sorry, but I think this is all pretty bad.
This makes the new Jetta look like a futuristic design to me.
Interior as well. The Jetta has a much nicer, modern looking dashboard. Slightly angled toward the driver (Like old BMWs)
This interior is just very generic. And with that stupid tablet sticking out…

Outside things are just too sad to be interesting.
What happened? Kia was on a roll.

Power comes from a 2.0 Liter with 147HP. So that is similar to the Jetta. Although with much less torque. (132 lb-ft Vs. 187 for the VW)
But while the Jetta gets a new 8 speed auto, this now gets a CVT.

Remember this?
This is the current Kia Forte. I think this is a vastly superior design to the 2019 model.
A very good looking formal sedan. With simple, great lines. And a bit of personality. Great proportions.
Everything the new one is not…

If I was in the market for the Kia Forte, I would run to a Kia dealer right now and get a great deal on a 2018.

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  1. I actually feel the complete opposite about the Forte and Jetta. This makes the Jetta look dated imo inside and out. Pretty sure the Jetta will be the superior performer though.

  2. Getting worse with each new generation. Like Toyota of a decade ago. Maybe they're making their conservative Korean customers happy.

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