New Lexus LS price

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Looks like it will be cheaper than the outgoing model.
By about $4000.

But it is now just about $5000 less than the Genesis G90.  Which I think is one of its main competitors.
For the $5000 extra, you do get an established brand with an extremely good reputation for quality/reliability. Which is important to many people.

I am sure the G90 dealers are more than willing to offer discounts. Which still makes it a better deal.
In the short term that is. I can’t imagine the resale of a Genesis matching the Lexus LS…

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  1. The Hourglass/Predator face suddenly looks much better compared to the broken hourglass on the new Avalon!

  2. Anyway you look at it, LS will cost you near $100K or more after sales tax, fees, etc… So why not get all the goodies and live for another $25K more?

  3. The G90 is fully loaded at $75k, while the LS is just getting started at that price. What the heck is Kiriko Glass, anyway?!

  4. question about these hideously overstyled Lexus/toyota grills: Where does the front license plate get mounted? In my part of the world, vancouver, canada, we motorists are required by law to have the front license plate firmly attached to the front bumper, usually smack center. Are there mounting holes/brackets in these goofy grills that i just do not see in the photos?

  5. i still don't 'get' the styling on this car. This looks like a chineseium mish-mash of several other cars. It is not going to make anyone turn around to see what car just drove by. a flagship should stand out from the crowd, not look like an overgrown es300 at twice the price. None of the regular folks who are not 'car guys' are going to remotely think you blew $80k plus on this. It's weird, edgy, but not memorable. I just dont get it.

  6. Yes, the production version will have a black bracket attached under one of the grill slats, like they dud wuth the current version.

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