New Nissan Concept teaser

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Apparently, this is for an all new SUV/Crossover concept for the Detroit auto show.

So we will be seeing it in just a few days.

(We really can’t see much of it on this video)

The surprise is that Nissan actually has room for yet another SUV.


Unless this is a preview of the next Pathfinder.

Or something above the cheapo Kicks. (A real Jute replacement)

What do you think?

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  1. Wow. What an absolutely dumb teaser. It's amazing how much marketing BS and buzzwords go into the auto industry…

  2. With a new Altima around the corner, this can only mean this is more than likely the next Murano.

  3. To the person who said it's the next Murano…. really??? Seems WAY too early to be talking about the next Murano. The current one just came out in 2015 and is only 3 years old. If anything it's due for a mid cycle face lift, but not a full out replacement yet. The Pathfinder just received a mid cycle refresh for 2017 and is probably closer to replacement than the Murano is. Since we don't really see much of the vehicle itself in the video, it's hard to get an idea of the size of this thing. Guess we will know more in just a few days.

  4. Add me to the "Next Murano" List. The Nissan Resonance concept was shown in 2013 at Detroit two years later in 2015, the Nissan Murano for the 3rd generation debuted. This is right on schedule. Next Murano will be on sale in 2020. This is without a doubt, the next Murano

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