Revisions for the Peugeot 308

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 The 308 is Peugeot’s answer to the VW Golf.
it came out a few years ago, and got a few revisions for 2017. So it’s a little strange to see more changes so quickly. (At least not he Chinese market model pictured in red)

Inside, it looks completely different.
Except for the doors (Current model in the bottom pic)
What a drastic redesign for a car that came out in 2013.

Unless that means that China will keep this one even longer than Europe. Where an all new one could be coming out sooner.
Who knows…

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  1. IMO this is China only, some PSA products have different interiors over there, also the manual handbrake would seem to be a strange move after already having the electronic unit in the new one; I'd also expect a facelift to receive the digital i-cockpit from the 3008, which this doesn't have….

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