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As expected, the 2019 production version of the all new Acura RDX will look almost exactly like the concept we saw at the Detroit Auto show. Which is great news.
Since the RDX concept was one of the best things from the show.

The new RDX should be quite a hit for Acura.
Sales of the current model went down to 35 487 last year. (Which is normal since it was introduced in 2013)
They sold over 52 000 of them the year before.
I think the new design is much more attractive and they will have no problem selling even more of that all new model.

Head over HERE for more pictures of the 2019 RDX prototype driving around.

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  1. I don't personally like the look of the new RDX. It looks to feminine! And the front grill is even more ugly then the beak was. Probably will not sell as well as the current V6 RDX. The SH-AWD with A-Spec is going to run around low $50K! For that price; most buyers going go with the X3, GLC or Q5! We will see in September how the public takes to the new RDX!

  2. Personally I'm not totally down with the new front grill. But it does look better on the redesigned RDX then then it does on the MDX. Though, in general, I think its better suited to a sedan/ coup then a CUV/SUV.

    The rest of the design (at least in these pictures) looks like a step in the right direction… so kudos to Acura. Hopefully the last 10-12 years of horrid designs are behind them.

    On a side note to Acura/Honda: Please give us a "baby" NSX/ (new) S2000. Not everyone can afford a $150,000 – $200,000 car. If you did that, I would gladly give you my money.

  3. The Mazda CX-5 starts at about $25 000. The current RDX starts at $36 000.
    Not really "twice the price".

    I love the CX-5. But the Acura will have much more power and more standard features.
    For NOT twice the price…

  4. Lexus needs to take some pointers here about front end design. Thankfully, Acura finally listened. The RDX is going to be something special.

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