2019 BMW X4

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I guess this is a little bit better looking tenth current one… hard to say. Since all BMW does is redesigning the same thing over and over.
The grilles are getting larger and larger. And front ends busier. 
The usual 2.0 and 3.0 Liter turbos are our choices in the US.
It is even more expensive than before, since the 4 cylinder now starts at around $50 000. And $60 000 for the 6.
Which is about $4000 more than the Mercedes GLC “Coupe”. (Which I think still looks much nicer than this.

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  1. I like the current design far better, but don't really like either. The 440I Grand Coupe is a much better looking car imo.

  2. BMW needs to get rid of models like the X4 and X6 along with the 5 series and 3 series GT versions. They are all seriously ugly and don't need to exist, BMW would be better off spending the development money elsewhere.

  3. The reason why BMW has the X4 and X6, along with the 5 series and 3 series GT versions, is because those models required little development money. "Give buyers something 'different' without spending a lot of money" was the company's motto.

    They look so ugly because BMW didn't even try.

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