2019 Ford Transit Connect wagon

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The passenger version of the small Ford Transit Connect commercial van is getting a few revisions for the new year.
A new face. New tech available. Inside it looks like the screen is bigger. But that’s about it. I(The rest still looks like previous generation Ford stuff. )
It now gets a choice of a 2 liter engine. Or a new 1.5 Liter diesel. yes, a diesel!
Weird how a few manufactures now finally decide to offer diesels in the US. Right after the giant diesel collapse, thanks to VW. 
GM is offering a few models with a diesel option. BMW is still into it. 
But Mercedes recently announced they were giving up on diesel engines in the US.
Ford claims the new diesel will allow the 2019 model to get 30MPG on the highway.
While the current non-diesel is rated at 27.  
Not sure that’s even worth it…
A new 8 speed automatic now comes with both engines.
I drove the Connect wagon a while ago and quite liked it. It does drive pretty much like a car. Although a slow one.
And sound insulation isn’t great. But that is all expected.
It seems like a really cool car to have if you want to go camping here and there. 

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  1. It is weird that Ford and GM are getting more into diesels in the US, since diesels are falling out of favor in Europe and have never been big here.

  2. I think these "new" diesels" were planned years ago. Before the VW scandal.
    And these companies are just too big and convoluted to be able to make quick decisions. So everything went ahead "as planned"…

  3. I bet Ford is playing it safe with the EPA rating for now until it’s a done deal in certification…best to under promise and over deliver!

  4. these transits seem like pretty nifty vehicles. I have yet to drive one myself but i do see many tradesmen driving them around, from florists, small business owners, auto glass mobile installers, taxi, etc. Honestly, other then a few taxis, i dont seem to see many of these in my city traffic as regular passenger vehicles…mostly the cargo trades versions.

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