2019 Honda CR-V (Europe)

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 Honda is unveiling the 2019 version of the CR-V for the European market.
Describing it as “all new”. Which, I guess, means Europe has not been getting the current model yet.
Which has been on sale here since November 2016.
So I was wondering if the European version was previewing a possible mid-cycle refresh for our 2019 model.

The European version is on top. And they both look the same except for some extra LED lights in the lower bumper.

 Same here. Even the wheels are the same.

Nothing new inside either. Except a bit more wood on around the console.

But the European version will be offered as a Hybrid. With a 2.0 Liter engine paired with an electric motor.
Something we don’t get here.


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  1. Hi Vince. I really like the new CRV. I could live without the cheap looking fake wood trim….

    My dad has one and it drives great although I think it is underpowered. This would be super awesome with a 2.0T liter (but I think that is the plan for the new Acura RDX)

    Party on dude!

  2. I know, me too. But with low gas prices in the US, most car makers now think twice to bring new hybrid models over here.
    Lexus just lowered the price of their Hybrid SUVs to just about $1000 over the regular modes. Which is great.

    I still think a CR-V Hybrid would be great.

    As far as power, I think it has plenty of power for the vast majority of its customers.
    ( I will try to get one to test drive soon…)

  3. I read somewhere, a few days ago, that a 7 seat version will be offer too!!!, The only way for that to happen is to use a couple of really tiny seats in the back in the way the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer does!!!, By the way, this small BMW 7 seater is quite popular here in Mexico, even more than its sister, the 2 Seriers Active Tourer, Regards!!!

  4. Gas prices have been slowly going up so this might become more interesting.
    I think Lexus didn't fully lower prices. They are offering now a cheaper base model with less equipment. At least that's how I understood that. Still Lexus is pricey if you add options.

    The RAV4 hybrid sells really well just behind Prius. So I think CRV hybrid could sell as well. For some reason though Honda/Acura hybrids aren't selling in high volume. Could be low inventory or just not knowing they exists in Honda's lineup.

    That extra light is probably fog light which is mandatory in several European countries.

  5. CRV WEAKEST AREA IS THE HIDIOUS INTERIOR. All the abvoulsy fake stitching, the Tupperware made wood trim and the minivan styled dash. It's a deal killer for me. Sad, because the exterior is so well done.

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