2019 Honda Vezel/HR-V

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 The Japanese version of the HR-V (Called the Vezel) just to a few revisions for the new model year.
The top two pictures are the new one. While the bottom one is our current HR-V.

The HR-V has always been really nice looking. And the changes are fine. The good looks don’t seem to be ruined by the “facelift”.

 While in the back it looks like nothing is new. At all…

 Very few changes inside too. Which is good. I think the HR-V has the nicest interior of its class (With the Mazda CX-3)
The shifter is new. And the console seems to have been revised a bit.

I wish the cool two tone interior was offered in the US.
( I think we only get black and light grey here.)
Maybe next year…

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  1. All the manufactures need to remove the shifter. It's all computer controlled and not needed. Buttons or a dial is all you need. It would provide more room and looks much cleaner. Glad to see Ford going in this direction.

  2. The HR-V is the lowest trim level that Honda America imports to the U.S. marketplace. It squarely aim at the millennials but more of the retired crowd are buying it for city driving.

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