2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

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These are new pictures of the all new Santa Fe.
 It still looks very nice. Better than the current one.
The interior especially seems much more upscale (At least on the loaded version shown in the pictures)
These new pictures obviously show the 3rd row seat.
The new Santa Fe is longer than the current “Sport” version. but shorter than the current 7 seater.
So it looks like there will be only one version of the new SUV.
So far, in Korea, a couple of 4 cylinder engines are available. All with an 8 speed automatic. 

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  1. Exterior dimensions of the next gen Santa Fe are very similar to the current gen Sorento. It appears as though the next gen Santa Fe will come in one size only with an available third row seat for customers who may occasionally need one.

    Kia is supposed to get a larger than Sorento crossover. Maybe this will allow Hyundai to develop a new gen Veracruz for customers who need more accommodating full time third row seating. I would guess that the upcoming Hyundai pickup would also be based on this architecture.

  2. What is it with the TV glued to the top if the dash??? Are designers not even trying anymore? This is just looks plan bad.

    The exterior looks like the offspring of a Toyota and an Infinity. That's obviously not a good thing. Sure, the seats look nice, but that's about it.

    I know I'm not Hyundai's target audience, but I just would not buy this. In my opinion there are so many better options.

  3. "So it looks like there will be only one version of the new SUV."

    There will be a longer three row Santa Fe called the Sants Fe XL!

  4. From what I've been reading elsewhere, it seems this new Santa Fe is taking the place of the current "Santa Fe Sport" in the lineup. The current larger 7 passenger "Santa Fe" will be renamed "Santa Fe XL" and continue as is until 2020 when it will be replaced by a new vehicle with a different name plate (possibly Veracruz).

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