2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

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Just a couple of pretty bad pictures.

I will be getting “the good stuff” very soon.
But I think the new Santa Fe already looks quite nice. This should be a hit for Hyundai. As this is a very popular segment right now.
And from we have seen so far, this will look really nice, inside and out. 

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  1. Most of these SUVs look the same more or less. But what separates the boys from the girls is the engaging driving dynamics. Hyundais are not known for that. May be this time it is different.

  2. i like it. Sorta resembles the latest mazda cx5. Not sure i like the narrow squinty headlights with the big driving lights below. I mean they may look great at night when flicked on. Or do i have it backwards? the top are driving lights and the bottom the headlights? as was the jeep cherokee from 2016….

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