2019 Kia Cee’d

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 Here is the interior of the all new Kia Cee’d. Which we are not getting in the US. Since we get the Forte instead.
Not sure why, but again, the Cee’d seems to have a completely different interior. Although they are now basically the same car. (one with hatch, the other with trunk)

 Here is the new 2019 Forte for the US.

And here is the current Cee’d.
Which I actually like better than the other ones above.
The screen is integrated better. (Sure its a bit low…) And the overall shape seems nicer to me…

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  1. I agree about liking the current Cee`d better also. I also liked the 2015 Optima (driver focused) interior design better than the current generation. Not that any of the new Kia interiors are bad though.

  2. Interesting. The US market one is much much better. The dash and way the center stack is laid out is more modern and premium looking. There's a lot more plastic and awkward bit in the international version, especially the way the screen sits between the air vents.

    Both are leagues better than the outgoing C'eed though. I never understood the infatuation with it. So much plastic and weird shapes, very 90s.

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