2019 Mercedes S-Class Maybach

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 For 2019, Mercedes is trying very hard to make the “Maybach” version of the S-Class sedan a bit more special.
And it does look nicer and more expensive. Mostly thanks to the new two tone paint job (an option). And a new grille.
Besides that, it is still “just” a stretched version of the familiar big Mercedes sedan.
Especially inside. Up front, there seems to be zero difference with a loaded S-Class.
The huge rear seat is where the Maybach really shines.

Mercedes claims to have sold about 25 000 of these since it came out in 2015. And 1 out of 10 S-Class sedans sold in China is a Maybach. So I guess it is working for them.

It starts at around $169 000 in the US. Which is much more than a base S-Class.
But an AMG S63 does start at almost $150 000. (And over $230 000 for the S65)

So I see what the Maybach version isn’t actually that crazy expensive for what it is…
It is also way cheaper than the British competition. ( with zero of the cachet/recognition you get with a Bentley or Rolls)

Although, the “real deal” would be a use one. Which you can find for around $115 000 on line for a 2016 model.

So, why not….

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