2019 Opel Combo Life

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This is the Opel clone of the Citroen Berlingo we saw just a couple of days ago.
So basically, the more boring one.
That front end alone looks like 15 years ago.
I am not sure why anyone would pick this above the Citroen version. Is it that much cheaper?

I am still wondering why Peugeot decided to buy Opel from GM. Are they making it a super cheap brand now?

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  1. I guess the only reason to pick it is that Opel has a denser dealer network in certain markets, especially Germany, so servicing the Opel might be easier as long as there is warranty, or you might have simply got used to the dealership close to you; And the commercial (panel) version will sell to those fleets who have Opel in their company anyway. Personally, I see no reason to pick this over the Citroen, let alone the more premium looking Peugeot with the i-Cockpit…

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