2019 Peugeot 508 “in the flesh”

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 So this is what it looks like. First real pictures of the car. (And the hatchback)

It’s fine. But still, after all that time, I thought the replacement for the “old” 508 would be better.
Some details seem very modern. Like the rear door opening, rear lights, dashboard…
But this is all made to fit in a very conservative shape.

Peugeot’s goal is for the 508 to feel like a new car after 3 years. Sure. Why not.

They also claim the base/regular models compete with the Passat, while the more expensive GT on can be compared to the A4 and even the C-Class.
Not sure how that works. It’s like saying a base Accord compete with the Camry, but the loaded Touring version is as good as a Mercedes.
(which it might very well be, actually…)

I am not sure German car snobs looking at a C-class would even walk into a Peugeot showroom.
(Unless the “German car snob” is only a US thing???)

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  1. Toggle switches look really good in cars, be it in this car or in the new RAM 1500.

    Definitely one of the most attractive interiors I have ever seen in a mainstream car.

  2. I not sold completely.

    The front looks a bit like the Honda Civic.
    I don't like the back kinda old 'modern' back lights.

    I really dislike the wheel and the interior I will have to judge it in person to know I like it mode than the A4.


  3. It does look a little sleeker with the metallic side window surround, but the overall appearance of the exterior is still a little more frumpy than I had expected it to be.

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