2019 Toyota Supra Concept coming up

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 Still not 100% sure, but here is that the official PR is:
” A commitment to bringing its most iconic sports car back to the market”.

Which should be the Supra. (Unless they mean the Celica???)

Here is the previous FT-1 concept. From 2014. Yes, that’s 4 years ago!
So it took quite a while for Toyota to come up with a production car.
But wait! The one coming up is still a concept. Probably with a “Supra” name this time.
Which means the production car might still be a year away. Or more.
(could it be THIS ONE?)

This “all new Supra” would actually be a 5 year old design by then. Almost time for a newer generation!
Why even bother?

Based on the next BMW Z4, it won’t be inexpensive.
It probably will cost much more than the $30 000 Nissan Z. And the Z is still a very nice car.
(The current BMW Z4 starts at around $50 000!)

Good luck…

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  1. There was a picture of the new Supra on The Grand Tour (aka New New Top Gear). It looks like the picture you posted in May 2017.

    It's the episode with Penn and Teller, during the news segment. They compare it to the new Z4 (which is the same car).

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