2019 Volvo V60

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Another great design from Volvo. And another great looking wagon.

I think this is great. A smaller, more sculpted version of the V90.
Inside, as expected, things look almost exactly like the XC60. Which is also great.

The new V60 will come with 2 Hybrid options (At least in Europe)
The T6 AWD Plug-in with 340HP. And the T8 AWD Plug in with 390HP.
Non hybrid T5 and T6 versions will also be available.

It will go on sale in the summer.

In the US, the current V60 wagon starts at around $38 000.
But no pricing has been announced for the new one.

Volvo already has  page on its US site for the new V60.
Head over HERE.
You can even built one. In Momentum or Inscription versions.

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  1. Vince I also think that this looks fantastic however I am struck by your hypocrisy. Volvo is doing the same thing that BMW and Mercedes have done, just using the same design on different scales. You tore a strip off of BMW and Mercedes for doing this but for some reason praise Volvo. Just an observation

  2. Although the V60 and V90 do look similar, they are really not the same at all. (The XC40 is also very different form the XC60.)
    From the pictures released today, I also think the V60 in the flesh will look quite different from the V90. And that it will be easy to spot the differences in real life. It is a much more muscular design, with stronger lines.

    Which is not the case for BMW, Audi or Mercedes.
    I still have a very hard time to tell a C-Class from the newer E-Class. An A4 form an A6. Or A8 etc..
    Same thing for most of these cars. They basically do have only one design for their sedans and one for their SUVS.

    Volvo does not.

    If seeing things in a different way than yours makes me a hypocrite, so be it. I guess…

    (Although it does seem a bit early in the morning to be insulted already…)

  3. I agree with you Vince. This is not just a boring resizing of the same design. The V60 is a completely new and original design (I think is better than the the V90V) declinate with the use of the original theme.

  4. Go Vince! I agree that although there is a strong family resemblance between all the latest Volvos, eaxh individual model is much easier to distinguish than the 3/4 and 5/4 scale clones over at Audi, BMW and Benz. Just makes me more anxious to see what they do with the next S60 and S40!

  5. Wow, it looks incredible!!! Buick might as well scrap the TourX. Who would buy one after seeing this??

  6. The current V60 starts at around $38 000. The Buick starts at $29 000.
    These are not in the same price range.
    For most people, $10 000 is a huge difference.

    I think the Buick is quite an amazing wagon for $29 000. It has standard AWD and a 250HP Turbo.
    It has also more room than the Volvo and cargo capacity is much larger at 73.5 cubic feet Vs. 48.2 for the Volvo.

    The Volvo is a more premium, more expensive, smaller wagon. Great for people who can afford it.
    That doesn't make the TourX so crappy that Buick should "scrap" it…

  7. Looks great. But you're kidding yourself if you think they havnt done the same scaled version of the same design that you criticize other car makers for. I guess the difference is that you like the Volvo design so that makes it ok

  8. I feel more like first comment: comparing V60 and V90 side by side, it's mostly different length and interior is pretty much same as rest of lineup.

    I assume we are just comparing wagons since I don't see Audi/Mercedes models look more similar than this. Can't say A4 to A6 are indistinguishable as A4 has definitely different design now as it was redesigned. That said I haven't seen V60 or V90 yet in real life so maybe that's different than pictures.

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