2019 VW Arteon (US)

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We finally get to see the US version of the Arteon. Which is, as expected, the same car that came out in Europe last year.
It has the same interior as the European Passat. So nothing new here at all. Since that car came out in 2014. 
They repeated what they did with the old CC. A sleeker version of the Passat. Years after the Passat.
So the interior is never really new. 
At least, it is different and more upscale than what we get in the US Passat.
So it does work better as a more upscale car this time. 
Only one engine will be offered in the US. A 2.0 Liter with 268HP. 
AWD will be an option. 
I think its main competition will be the new Kia Stinger. Which also comes with a 2.0 Liter engine. With 255HP. And both are hatchback cars. 
The Stinger starts at $32 000. Although the base model has very limited choices of colors and option. 
The loaded Premium model starts at $37 000.
No matter what, it’ll be much cheaper than an Audi A4 or A5 hatchback. For basically the same car…

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  1. Looks like a slightly refreshed CC. That interior is boring. COuldn't they come up with something new?

  2. Looks like we get the all the old stuff from EU! But that see to be the case now with a lot of the new models. The U.S. does not get much of the great stuff unless it is in the luxury class vehicles.

    The U.S. now is like the third world in that U.S. manufacturers drop lines for 6-8 years and then release them back into the U.S. but not all of the trim levels for them. I talking about the Everest, Ranger, EcoSport and Chevrolet Blazer among a half dozen more that were discontinued in the North American marketplace but still were made worldwide.

  3. This is the same interior as in Europe in the Arteon so it's not really outdated compared to Europe. This car was released in Europe only 6 months ago.

    The interior is indeed same as Euro Passat though.

  4. Great style, but horrible company. Still can never forgive a company willing to sacrifice our environment for outright corporate greed. I will NEVER own a VW product. Lucky for them, others either have no clue or are very forgiving.

  5. Wow! A sexy VW car! It’s a miracle!

    Could this be a possible competitor to the not so good looking Buick Regal Sportback? If I had to choose between the VW and the Buick based solely on exterior design, I would choose the VW (which I can’t believe since I am not a big fan of VW).

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