2019/20 BMW X7 to be as gross as concept

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The top picture is the production model.
As you can see, it will be as gross/vulgar as the disgusting concept we saw last year.
And it might actually be worse. Since it looks like the metallic finish from the concept has been replace by just super shinny chrome everywhere.

Quite amazing.

But all this doesn’t matter. Since BMW will probably sell enough of these to make tons of money.
At what cost, really. The cost of monstrosities like this is the brand image.

I guess nobody really cares…

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  1. Unfortunately for you Vince, these are going to be everywhere. BMW knows what it is doing and there will be lineups for the X7.
    Don't blame BMW – blame the American buying public.

  2. At least douchebags will have one more vehicle to choose from. I can't wait to brake check one of these.

  3. You have this all wrong.

    BMW should be applauded for their bravery of this design. What guts they have. I mean to challenge the Lexus juggernaut for the crown of worlds ugliest car design!!!

    Now that takes some courage.

  4. The biggest bmw design fail since the Chris Bangle rump of the 7 series years ago. Glad Acura finally listened.

  5. I agree with you this is unfortunately the tendency of this century.
    no more education, no more style. and no more reliability!
    cheers ;o)

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