2020 VinFast SUV & Sedan

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Another brand new company wants to make cars.
This time not from China, but Vietnam. As far as I know, this would be the first Vietnamese car brand.
They are planning an SUV (Like everyone else) and a sedan.
No words on engines yet. Production is scheduled to start in 2019. And they plan to produced 500 000 cars by 2025.
At least, they look pretty nice, since Pininfarina is responsible for the designs. 
What a novel idea! Hiring great designers who have done amazing work before.
Maybe other, more established brands, could do the same?

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  1. Not sure how they are going to produce 500,000 cars by 2015. Are they making Delorean time machines as well?

  2. Of course they look great in these exaggerated drawings. Every car and suv does, however the actual production model most always leads to disappointment in comparison.

  3. Corporate front end look is better than quite a few competitors if the drawing is to be believed.

  4. THIS looks like something ACURA should be doing – but isn't – in sport hybrid drivetrains. Unfortunately, they gave up on that system (which was great in the NSX, RLX, and MDX) way too early to produce terrible, bloated, underpowered designs like the new TLX.

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