2020 VW T-Roc Convertible

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Another “genius” idea from VW.
A convertible version of their small T-Roc SUV.

It actually doesn’t look so bad. Kind of like a Golf Convertible on stilts.
And just like the Golf Convertible, this will not be sold in the US, since we are not getting the T-Roc SUV in the first place.

Still, I wonder why. They killed 2 door versions of the Polo and Golf because of “slow sales”.
They are thinking of maybe, again, killing the Beetle. But this? This will work?

Will it work s well as the “extremely poorly received” Murano Convertible???


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  1. If they market it as the THING with meatier cladding over the T-roc maybe their is justification as some people are fanatics of that model.

    I am still wondering about the T Cross will that be a lame SUV just like the Nissan Kicks: a lame brain front wheel drive SUV on stilts.

  2. A T-Roc convertible might work because it's a small vehicle, but a better idea would be for VW to offer the SWB Tiguan in the USA.

  3. On paper VW has lots of imagination. Too bad its production cars on the street do not look half as good.

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