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Just though I’d post a few more pictures of the Mazda 6 wagon. The one we are not getting in the US.
This is not the revised 2018 version. But the 2017. 
It is one of the best looking wagon ever. And maybe (With the Mazda CX-4) the best looking car we cannot get in the US.
Not sure if the Buick Regal TourX wagon will be a hit here or not (GM expect it to sell as much as the sedan). But let’s hope it is. And that it makes Mazda rethink their strategy.
And maybe by the time an all new 6 sedan comes out, the new wagon version will be offered here as well…

Even this raised up Mazda 6 X would work. Competing with the popular Subaru Outback.
And the new Buick Regal TourX now.

I mean really, why not…

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  1. While I agree with you about the 6 wagon, out of both, I would rather see the CX-4 come to the states. Ashame the regular 6 sedan does not sell in higher volumes here. Maybe the 2018 2.5 Turbo option will change this some.

  2. It would be wonderful to have a good alternative to the Outback, especially one that is better looking and probably more fun to drive.

  3. Mazda now has the funds thanks to Toyota buying part of Mazda, to do stuff like enter existing markets with new models like that of the U.S. Plus, Toyota can supply them with new engines too. There new SkyActive technology engines are still only two engines from what I know. I like them to give the CX-5 the 2.5L Turbo found in the CX-9. But the top guy at Mazda said that was unnecessary and left it at that! This was before the Mazda 6 was report to get the 2.5L Turbo in 2018 model.

  4. The thing is, carmakers have a larger profits in SUV's/Crossovers. Since these are considered light trucks and are less regulated than cars (safety, mileage etc…) And they cost more! = Higher profit margins.
    So of course, they want you to buy a CX-5 instead of this.

    Just like Honda would rather see you driving a CR-X than a Civic.

  5. The CX-8 is just a longer version of the CX-5 for the Japanese market. It is not related to a wagon.
    And yes, unfortunately, the 6X is an older illustration of what could/should have been…

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