All new Jaguar XJ coming in 2019

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The next big Jaguar sedan was almost canceled.
But it is now back on track for a 2019 release. New rumors are mentioning an all electric version as well as a new V6 Hybrid, the Hybrid being expected to be the most popular version.

A concept version of the EV version s supposed to be shown later this year.
With the production version coming out for 2019.
It will apparently be roomier than the current car, but might not be based on an all new platform.

Sales have not been great lately. Dropping under 3000 units in the US last year.
While Mercedes still sold almost 16 000 units of the S-Class.

So yes, it is time for an all new XJ. They really need to re-invent that car pronto.

I would say a luxury EV is the way to go. Doing battle with the Tesla and Porsche Mission E.
Something roomier and not as sporty than the Porsche. But more luxurious and with a much nicer interior than the Tesla would really be interesting.

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  1. Vince – I like that drawing you posted. It's so much better than the current XJ – with it's elongated vertical tail lamps and the strange black plastic d-pillar molding around the rear window which stands out badly in every other color but black.

  2. The new XJ looks like a Volvo sedan design! This new design will not convert any potential Tesla S buyers into a XJ!

  3. Why doesn't Jaguar make a JAGUAR, with beautiful styling, a gorgeous interior and great power? It can't do any worse than what they're selling now.

  4. Ugh…It doesn't look like this, at ALL! Especially in being the start of the next Jaguar design language. One reason I am tired of these lazy uninspired renderings. I worked on the "X360 programme" for some time at Whitley, despite having left JLR employ in 2016 (moved back to US) and will say that I know bloody well, that the locked-in design is far away from this. Folks really need to use their imagination and drop these half-thought renderings, that use cues from current Jaguar models in the showroom.

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