Even more pictures of the Hyundai i30 Fastback

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Seems that my previous post about the new little Hyundai hatchback was pretty popular. So I thought I’d post a few more pictures.
It is really too bad they do not schedule it for sale in the US.
This is much more interesting than the “regular” 130, sold here as the Elantra GT.
The GT just tries too hard to be a Golf. This is different. Its own thing. 
I think this would be pretty attractive to people considering a regular sedan like the Civic. With the practicality of a hatchback.
Which is what it is in Europe. Since they don’t sell the Elantra over there, this is basically the more “sedan like” version of the i30.
Which means Hyundai might be afraid it would compete with the Elantra over here…
Too bad. THIS should be the Elantra GT. 

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  1. I think it is much more attractive than the Civic hatch, kind of like a pint sized Audi A5 sportback or just one that got sandwiched in between something.

  2. I say bring it over to the US! It is Hyundai’s most appealing compact car offering! The Elantra sedan and GT hatchback are rather boring in comparison. This looks much more interesting and also more upscale. It also looks much better than the awkward looking 2nd gen Veloster. I actually think Hyundai could have saved some development dollars by simply making this great looking fastback the 2nd gen Veloster. It’s better looking and much more practical! I think it would actually steal more sales from the Veloster than the Elantra!

  3. If Hyundai doesn’t want to bring it to the US because it may cannibalize Elantra or Veloster sales, then give it some revisions and offer it as a Kia product in the US. With the discontinuation of the Forte Koup, Kia could use a small coupe type product in its lineup.

  4. If FCA did a merger with Hyundai, they should make this an entry car for Chrysler's dying line up. The deal should include US assembly with FCA logo; in return, Hyundai should manage and use the space for their small cars assembly and a tax break from the US govt.

  5. That grille is HIDEOUS. I hate how Hyundai keeps morphing the lower sides to flare out more and more. It just looks gross and not integrated with the rest of the car. They could have kept the normal hexagon thing they had going.

    Everything else is great though. Love the rear. Very handsome overall, almost Mercedes C coupe-like

  6. It's not a hatchback, it's a liftback. Since the i30 is sold as a normal hatch in most parts of the world, this will be known as the 'liftback' version.

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