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Ford has just announced this really cool Raptor version of the all new Ranger.
Power comes from a 10 speed auto with a 2.0 Liter Twin Turbo Diesel producing 213HP.
But. The new “Mini Raptor” will be produced in Thailand only, so far. And is NOT scheduled for the US market yet.
Another super dumb move from Ford. First, it takes them 8 years (!) to bring what they have been calling the “International Ranger” to the US. And now this.
Like it or not, this is probably the largest pick-up truck market in the world.
Any version of the Ranger offered here will sell.
Why keep this away from the US market???? They could make money with it right now. Today!

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  1. Yes, I forgot to mention it. That interior does need something to better match the exterior. Anything…

  2. They will absolutely bring this here, but they need a year because this is definitely the wrong engine for this market.

  3. The new Ranger Raptor looks very manly even for a pickup truck! It going sell like crazy too even with the "market adjusted pricing" that going to attached to the MSRP 8" X 10" next to the Ranger Raptor's Monroney sticker. Oh boy, this should be interest to see how much theses people in heat will accept!

  4. "Why keep this away from the US market???? They could make money with it right now." Pretty simple…the F-150 Raptor. Ford is probably scared selling this here would eat into the HUGE profits they make off the way over priced F-150 version, because the Ranger version will be cheaper. I think they're wrong.

  5. Ford has targeted countries outside North America for the Ranger Raptor like South Africa! Ford seems to think that selling Ranger Raptor here in the U.S. will take away sales from the F150 Raptor, so for now, we will not going see the new Ranger Raptor in the U.S. because of this.

  6. Ford is 💭 no of offering it in North America but at a premium price close to that of F150 Raptor. That way, Ford retains their profit margin!

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