Giugiaro Sybilla.

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A new concept from one of my favorite designer is always a treat.
And the new Sybilla doesn’t disappoint.
It even has a late 70’s/early 80’s Ital Design feel to it.
I think this is just gorgeous. And as simple as it can be.  
Something most new cars companies today could learn from. Imagine if just 25% of this could become the new design language for Acura or Lexus…

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  1. If 25% of this became the new design language for Acura or Lexus they’d still manage to make the end result as ugly as hell.

  2. I see Italdesign kind of recycled some old ideas: Maserati 3200GT taillights and Daewoo Bucrane C-pillars to start with.

  3. Classic and pure beauty… not tortured sheet. Modern is not weird, not a mess of blade cuts in any panel. This is not the Giugiaros masterpiece of all time, but a lot of car company and pseudo designer can learn from it. Too many "Jack Ripper" thinks that modern is tortured.

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