How about a couple of pictures of the new Jeep Grand Commander.

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Nothing much. Just some new shots from a presentation in China.
So far the only market for this all new model.

And I’ve already seen quite a bit of hate for this car. Which I don’t really get.

 It does look like a current Jeep design. Like a big Cherokee. It does fit very well in the current line up.
And 7 seater are what everyone is doing right now. So why not.
I think this would do quite well in the US for Jeep.

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  1. this design is WEAK. It's dorky, awkward and hokey. Nothing memorable. Nothing nice. Vanilla. Sleep-inducing. Bad.

    We should expect FAR MORE from Jeep, even for a China-only model. Sad!

  2. In America, it would look too cheap to be a top-of-the-line Jeep. In fact, it looks notably less upscale than the Grand Cherokee.

    It looks nothing more than an elongated Cherokee, and that's why people seem to hate it, Vince.

  3. Don't we all know this is NOT a Grand Wagoneer… This is the China only Grand COMMANDER!!!!

    I have been wondering though if it is really China only. The fact that we aren't getting it makes us want it more. If it were sold here would it replace the Grand Cherokee? Because it truly is a 'grand' Cherokee, being an extended wheelbase variation of the Cherokee, but it doesn't seem to be a great replacement for the current Grand Cherokee.
    I understand the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer to be SUV versions of the RAM 1500 as the Tahoe and Suburban are to the Chevy Silverado.

    What would make the most sense to me is to sell the Chinese Grand Commander in the US as the Wagoneer (3-row variation of the Cherokee,) the Grand Cherokee moves up to the RAM 1500 platform to compete with the Tahoe and the Grand Wagoneer (3-row variation of the Grand Cherokee) with the Suburban…

    Hows that sound Jeep?

  4. Grand Wagoneer? You've been calling this thing the Grand Commander for months now. Why the sudden name change? I don't understand the hate for this car either. This thing does look quite nice and Jeep could use a larger than Grand Cherokee 7-8 passenger in it's U.S. line up. That said in some photos it doesn't look much larger than the current Grand Cherokee. Any word on what the actual dimensions are of this thing so we can get a real idea of it's size?

  5. Hard to believe that the same company that designed the Chief concept came up with this bland and hackneyed thing. Best if it stays in China.

    As for the dimensions, it's about 2" longer than the Grand Cherokee, with a 4" shorter wheelbase. So how roomy that third row is is anyone's guess.

  6. 2" longer than Grand Cherokee with a 4" shorter wheelbase and it's a 7 passenger??? Yeah no thanks. With dimensions like that, this thing can stay over in China. We need something more Durango sized as a Grand Wagoneer in the U.S., not a silly stretched out Cherokee.

  7. As the family oriented brand in FCA’s hierarchy in the US, it seems like Chrysler should be the brand to offer three row crossovers in our market. Jeep should stick to their rough and off road ready image.

    As far as the exterior design of this Grand Commander, there is something awkward about it. I really can’t describe exactly what it is, but the design just doesn’t look quite right. It isn’t an ugly design, but it’s not desirable either. If Chrysler were to get a three row crossover in the US based on this vehicle’s structure (which the Chrysler brand desperately needs), I would hope that the resulting vehicle would be much more attractive than this vehicle.

    I think this Grand Commander can be filed under “keep it in China”.

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