How about even more pictures of the new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe…

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That’s right. Why not more?

On these pictures, the new Santa Fe looks fine.
But not as premium as I first thought. (Even thou I understand that black interior picture was ‘stupidly” taken with a flash)
It seems OK, but nothing like the Mazda CX-9 interior….

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  1. I just can't get over that front end. At first glance I thought maybe Hyundai had done the impossible and actually made the split light front end thing look good. However the more I see of it, the more I realize it's just as terrible as ever. I wouldn't be shocked to see a mid cycle refresh of this come out in a couple of years with a more normal looking front just like what Jeep did with the Cherokee.

  2. Since this is a three row, I'm assuming the two row Sport version is done and that segment will now belong to the Tucson, with the Kona becoming their new small CUV?

  3. I like the exterior looks of the new Santa Fe. The interior is okay not premium looking but nice never the less. I need to have around 300 hp and torque with much better handling like that of the CX-5 and I will pull the trigger on the new Santa Fe. It probably not going to happen knowing Hyundai previous versions but going forward, the competition is heading in that direction of more sporty handling models.

  4. Did some digging on new Santa Fe and found out on the gas side it only has 232 hp and about the same amount of torque 240. The diesel version is more powerful for towing, better mileage and quick acceleration but a bit noisy at lower speeds. The current Santa Fe Sport with the 2.0 turbo that produces 250 hp and 250 lbs. of torque does 0-60 in 7.6 seconds. I want gas engine and thus it is to slow for my needs.

    So I am going to pass on new Santa Fe unless they have a more powerful engine option then those presently shown.

  5. After reading still more about the new Santa Fe; I think Hyundai i'd going to employ the Mazda CX-9 version of the 2.5 turbo which has high torque at lower speeds 0-40 with lower h.p.! I kind like this ideal for an engine. Maintenance might be a problem in the long run due to higher compression.

  6. The CX9 looks much more up market and seems better executed inside and out. The Santa Fe interior resembles the Elantra Gt too much, but I am guessing it will sticker fully loaded at least 20k higher.

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