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This “L” version of the Jaguar XE adds a few inches to the rear seat. So the rear door is longer. (The white car above is the regular version)
And the transformation doesn’t turn the compact Jag into a Frankenstein monster.
it still looks quite nice. Much nicer than the similarly sized XF. (Which looks like a Subaru)

 You can tell the back seat now has decent legroom. Just like it was supposed to in the first place.
And it also comes with a double glass roof .

I mentioned this before, but I still think they should bring this long version of the XE over here. (So far, this is only for the Chinese market)
To replace the banal/boring/non Jaguar looking XF.
The interior of the cheaper XE is also much nicer than the one in the XF.

2 versions of the XE plus that new XJ EV we will be seeing at the end of this year, should be plenty of sedans theses days. They are also planing a total of 3 SUVs.
I don’t see the point of that ugly XF anymore….

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  1. I think the elongated look throws the proportions out of whack, especially in comparison to the regular XE, which I feel is the best design in it's class. I even like the XF far better.

  2. The XE is small. the XE-L is how big it should be. If that throws the design off a little, I will not show up at the country club.

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