Mazda 6 test drive coming up.

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Just got a Mazda 6 today, for a week.
So far so good. We all know how good it looks. Nothing new there. The interior is also really roomy.
I will finally see what all the Mazda 6 fuss is about. I was very impressed with the new CX-5 when I drove it. So I am looking forward to this week. 
The only downside I was able to notice so far, is still the lack of Apple Car play. And the rather complicated audio system. It took a while and a lot of menu back and forth to replace the previous driver’s radio stations memories/settings to mine. (Which just shouldn’t be in 2018.)
Otherwise, this is a loaded 2017 1/5 model. Not the newer 2018 with the revised interior and the new Turbo engine.
(The new 2018 is not available in the fleet yet)
As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have about the car. 

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  1. Hey Vince, This sure look like its a 2016 GT model. You know how I can tell? Is the L.E.D. around the front grill, 2017 GT do not have this feature. I have the 2016 GT model that's why I can tell that it is in fact a 2016 Good day. 🙂

  2. How is the handling? The last time I drove a 6, I found it very stiff and want to hear your opinion.

  3. I did notice the ride being a bit form. Or stiff, for a family sedan…
    The engine (Even though I think it's exactly the same) is also noisier than in the CX-5. At least at idle and slow speed.

  4. Not stiff at all. Firm around town (not the same thing as stiff) and smooth on the freeway.
    So far it has never been underpowered. I took it on a long drive to the mountains and there was never a need for more power. (But that's with only 2 people on board)
    The engine seems a bit noisy when cold. (the case with most 4 cylinder engines) Otherwise it is super quiet. After a while, idle is completely silent.

  5. Brand respect is not there despite nice products across the board. They may have to start throwing a few glitzy golf sponsorships. They have not reached the vanity crowd.

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