More pictures of the new 2019 Audi A6

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This is basically an Audi A7 sedan.
With minor differences outside. The interiors are exactly the same. Minus the hatchback of course.
(Which on is the 6? The 7?)
Currently, the A6 starts at around $50 000. Not cheap.
But the A7 is actually about $20 000 more!
Sure, it comes with a V6 standard, and probably a few other things. But $20 000 for mostly the same car in a hatchback version. (?!?!)

I do like the hatchback much better, but I really think a $20 000 is pretty crazy.
The profit margin on the A7 must be quite amazing…

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  1. Base price maybe $60K but you always have add in three to four packages to bring it up to a drivable out the door A6. You looking at maybe high $68K if you keep the options to a minimum and go all out $77K. It very pricey to buy a brand new German luxury because they alway lead with a very low base price to get you into the door! But in the A6, I pretty sure about 85 or more are just leased out new leases!

  2. Oh yeah Vince, you are spot on about the margin, and the Germans are laughing at US all the way to the bank. Sure hope Cadillac gets their acts together.


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