More Volvo V60 teasers

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Pretty much all we officially get so far.
Again, showing what looks like a smaller V90. Which is just fine. It will be a lot cheaper too.
Volvo already has an info page for the car. (HERE) That’s where these pictures come from.
I guess you can sign up and be among the first ones to get official info on the car.
The page is from the US Volvo site. So we already know the car will be sold over here.
Which is always good news…
You can already see what the whole car looks like HERE

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  1. I am sure it will.

    Since last year, they have already sold 4428 units of the old model. Plus 2317 of the CrossCountry version.
    That's 6745 total for the current one. In the US alone.

    No doubt an all new design will do much better.

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