Ugliest BMW X5 ever coming up soon.

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 Here it is again. The next X5 with its huge chrome grille.
As bad as it gets…

 This is the current model. A pretty invisible design (it’s pretty much impossible to tell BMW SUV from another. Or even a new generation from the previous one…)
At least it is not offensive.

Here is the inspiration for the new X5 front end.
The ghastly looking X7 concept.

I guess this might eventually become the new BMW face. So get used to it…

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  1. Bmw definitely didn't have to join the latest large grill craze. Seems they are now competing with Lexus and infiniti for the ugliest grill award. I just hope it doesn't end up trickling down the whole model line-up.

  2. Vince, the concept cars are ALWAYS done AFTER the production cars are done these days, it is like a preview of the car so that the public get used to the aesthetic. Designers never have the concept to use as inspiration! Just a tip!

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