2018 Honda Accord Hybrid pricing.

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Only a “regular” hybrid version is available for the new Accord (Plug-in and EV models are for the Clarity)
It gets great gas mileage, rated at 47MPG for both City and HWY. Which still producing a total of 212HP.
The base price will be $25 100. Which seems to be only about $1400 more than the non-hybrid Accord. (rated at 30/38MPG)
And $4500 less than the previous model.
This seems to be a great deal. Gone are the days when you had to pay about a $5000 premium to get “the hybrid version” of anything.
And the new Accord hybrid is also available in EX ($28 900) EX-L ($31 400) and Touring ($34 700) models.
So there is a whole range to pick from. 
This is a more powerful car than the regular model, while getting much better gas mileage for just $1400 more.
(The Camry Hybrid starts at $27 800. Which is still over $4000 more than the regular version.)
I think Honda could have a winner on their hands. For once, it seems to make sense to actually get the Hybrid version…
On an other note, I will be test driving the Honda Accord (not the hybrid one) in a few weeks.

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  1. There will be more reason to choose this over their upcoming Insight Hybrid unless they price the Insight a lot less than $25k.

  2. Vince,
    I look forward to your review, although this car is at the top of its class in every major car publication. At least, tell us a few things they have not covered.

  3. If vehicle manufacturers are offering hybrid and/or electric versions of most of the vehicles in their lineups, then why waste the time/effort/money to develop separate/exclusive hybrids or EVs? Seems like a waste.

  4. I agree with the previous post and I will add that by now all cars should be at minimum hybrids with the driving dynamics of gasoline cars. In other words, give me better mileage , but dont spoil the fun with skinny tires, so so handling, weird designs, etc. At the same time, which is amazing versus 15-20 years ago, when a Mazda 6 or Honda Accord gets adequate performance and 38-40 miles on the highway, some of these hybrids lose their benefit of 10 more miles on the HWY by being more expensive and driving rough or, in certain cases, like boats.

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