2018 Mazda 6 (Europe)

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The Mazda 6 is getting the same revisions/upgrade in Europe as it did a few months ago in the US.
Although not sure they will get the new Turbo engine now available in the US.

The main difference with ours, is the availability of the great looking wagon.
(Which has always been available over there)

Here are a couple of pictures of that 2018 wagon, waiting for the opening of the Geneva Auto Show….

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  1. Ok.

    Maybe it's just the picture, but the proportions make it look like an SUV. I was confused for quite a while there until I remember that they do make and sell a Mazda 6 wagon.

  2. As soon as MAZDA fixes issues about road noise and sorely needed increased power to compete with others in its class, things will get better. Vince, I agree with you that 185 horses are enough for anyone, but, if that is what the market only wants, there would not be higher output engines. For the Mazda 6, despite improvements, noise is still an issue. May be the 2018 update will fix it. Can’t wait to see the review of the turbo engine with an upgraded chassis.

  3. If I were to buy the Mazda 6, I go for the wagon! Mazda USA should bring the wagon to the U.S. After all, they held the back the CX-4 model.

  4. I still think a slightly raised and Outback-ized Mazda6 wagon could easily be sold in the US as the CX-7.

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