2019 Acura RDX teaser

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The teaser is the white one on top.
Bellow are pictures of the concept. As we already know, the concept was a very accurate preview of the production model.
Which is good. As it was generally very well received. 
The teaser shows the A-Spec sport version.
If priced right, (bellow the German competition) this could quickly become Acura’s best seller.

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  1. Acuras are great cars. But the snubs cannot like them unless they can impress the country club crowd. The beak is gone, the new grille is, um, meh. Now if Acura can put some excitement in design and surpass Honda in driving dynamics by offering only AWD, it will be just fine. But, it will not win over the snubs. They know better.

  2. The RDX looks sort old already with the D pillar taken from the floating roof Murrano design and the Terrain. The rear quarter window section just does not like attractive!

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