2019 Acura RDX video

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The new Acura RDX is looking really good on the road.

To me this is something that competes more with a Mercedes GLC, BMW X3 or Cadillac XT5.

As is is larger than the new XT4 or Volvo XC40.

It will all depend on pricing. The current model starts at $36 000. Which is just about $1000 more than the smaller competition from Volvo and Cadillac. Which makes it a good deal.

The Acura is really a full size above.

This should be quite a hit for them…

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  1. I can't believe they decided to go with a mouse/trackpad interface for the infotainment, as Lexus does currently. That's utter stupidity and incredibly dangerous to use while driving.

    Another car I won't be getting.

  2. I do not find the exterior design very attractive! It really looks like a GMC Terrain. It kind of look that "soccer mom" would be drawn too, but not many guys because it looks feminine.

  3. If you haven't used it then you should probably shut up. It works totally different and it light years ahead of the Lexus.

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