2019 Cadillac XT4

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Finally we see the real thing!

And I think it looks really good. Enough to instantly become Cadillac’s best selling model.
The only problem is that I think it looks better than the XT5. Inside and out.

At 181 inches long, it is about 9 inches shorter than the XT5.
The XT4 will start at around $35 000. Which is about $5000 cheaper than its larger brother.

It is actually hard to compare it to its competition. Since it is in its own “in-between class”
It is longer than a Mercedes GLA ($32 000) but shorter than the GLC ($40 000)
Same thing with BMW where it sits between the X1 and X3 in size and price.
Although in price, it is much closer to the GLA and X1.

So basically, you are getting something larger for not that much more money.
We’ll see if enough BMW/Mercedes/Audi buyers are willing to even consider something from Cadillac (They usually are not)

It is closer to the Lexus NX. About an inch shorter and about the same price.
I think this is a better fight for Cadillac. The XT4 is so much more attractive than the weirdo NX.
But again, Cadillac’s reputation isn’t Lexus. At least for reliability.

Powertrain is the 2.0 Liter engine with 237HP and a 9 speed auto.
A very similar combo than the Regal I am driving this week. And a super smooth and quiet one.

I really wish Cadillac good luck on this one. And congrats to everyone involved in it.

You can already get more info on the Cadillac site.

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  1. Can't wait to see it with 22 inch rims and a Landau Top. Seats look flat and unsupportive. The exterior looks like someone hit a Ford Edge with a shrink ray, then added Escala front & rear lights. Will have to check it out in person at next year's local auto show.

    Perhaps a different colour scheme will make it look better??? Hope so.

  2. The back door cut goes right through the side "window" essentially creating a little triangle off by itself which you once see can never ignore.

    So, this is a piece of garbage created by no talent hacks. Might be ok on something priced in the teens, but not this. They were doing ok until the talent ran out. Typical GM, oh so close…… Still get offended that they were bailed out so they could create stuff like this.

    Compare this mess to the back doors of every other car and SUV on this main web page.

  3. The right mix of eye-catching details — the pretty grille and nose, killer taillight graphic — and handsome proportions. The market for SUVs this size is huge. And they finally, FINALLY, appear to have built a class-competitive interior. Bravo.

  4. After all this time of 2 and half years (!!) with no real new product I have to say that I am disappointed. This "all new" XT4 is not really new, not really a new Escala inspired design language. It is only a Little step from the XT5, leaving happily the wedge line, joining XTS-shapped rear lights and rather a simple formed Dashboard. What took them sooo long for an known design on a yet existing Plattform? We don't know. Cadillac seems to have endless time. Only the fresh facelift of the CT6 remains a hope for me for an improved future.

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