2019 Honda Insight

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Sure, the new Insight looks a lot like the Civic it is based on (more on that later)
But it looks like Honda was able to give it a more “grown up ” personality. 
That new interior is more like a small Acura than a Civic. 
And, as you can see, they were able to preserve a super roomy truck, even with the hybrid batteries. 
The total power is 151. Which is less than the Civic, but more than the Prius with only 121HP.
The new Insight is supposed to be rated at 55MPG City. Which is as good as it gets for a Hybrid. 
And better than the 47MPG rating of the larger Accord hybrid.
No pricing yet, but as mentioned earlier, it will be between the Civic and Accord.
The Accord Hybrid is about $1000 more than the regular model. 
A regular Civic starts at around $19 000. The Insight being a bit more upscale, I would predict a base price of around $21/22 000. 
Which would make it cheaper than the Prius by at least $2000. (Just like the Accord Hybrid is thousands less than the Camry hybrid)
Now that Hybrids aren’t a $5000 premium over regular cars, I think the new Insight could be quite a hit for Honda.
Something a bit different than the popular Civic, getting amazing mileage for not that much more money.

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  1. This is what the new Civic should have looked like in the first place, with all the boy racer crap saved for the Si and R.

  2. Amazing value for non snubs. These are the types of hybrids we need to make them mainstream and the majority of vehicles sold.

  3. As is, will definitely steal sales from the Accord Hybrid… and, even gasoline powered Accords with bigger, more stylish wheels.

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