2019 Honda Pilot

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The top picture is a prototype testing the revised front end for 2019 Honda Pilot.
It’s really hard to see these changes .

These will be the usual mid-cycle revisions, with new lights, bumpers and grille.
No new engines are expected. And only minor changes inside.

Since the Pilot is a solid success for Honda (Over 127 000 sold last year) why change it too much…

See more pictures of that prototype HERE

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  1. Everything looks the same as the current model other then the camouflage front end. It get bigger air scoops in the lower half and new front grill too.

  2. Expect drive train improvements possibly the new Honda designed 10 speed automatic transmission in higher trim levels, improved infotainment and standard Honda Sensing on most trims, new wheels, bumpers and exterior lighting.

  3. A "new" grille and that's about it. Nothing new here. Let's move on to more interesting car designs.

  4. Looks like a model refresh, with probably new features.
    The headlights look different, guessing LED from the
    looks of them (similar to accord, crv and civic),
    probably taillights will be changed too.

  5. No matter what changes Honda gives it, it will still look like an ugly copy of the 1st gen Chevy Traverse. The Civic sedan and CR-V are the only two attractive vehicles in Honda’s current lineup.

  6. Vince, what going on with the rumor two row Pilot called the Passport? There does not seem to be no spy shot of this vehicle floating around and it is already March and rumor has it that it will be release in November for sale in early 2019. Honda seems to be ultra secretive about the Passport details.

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