2019 Hyundai Tucson

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 The current Tucson is still one of the best looking compact SUVs out there. (red one) And got many good reviews when it came out.
I just hope Hyundai will not ruin its design.

That whole front end will be new. And resemble more the new Kona.

Inside, it is rather puzzling.
It looks like they actually redesigned the top of the dash just to be able to “incorporate” that stupid tablet design. (2019 on top)
So now the screen is just sticking out. Like in so many other cars.
In my opinion, this is a big step backward. And such a lazy design.

Otherwise, the rest of the interior looks the same. 

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  1. Oh no, that ugly Kona front end design is spreading thruout the Hyundai lineup like a virus. First the Santa Fe, now the Tucson… what’s next?? As for the screen on top of the dash thing, didn’t the luxury brands start this trend?? Is this an attempt to make lower cost cars look upscale?? I’m not sure how much I like this trend yet. The only advantage I can see to this design is that you can have a larger screen mounted there and in a refresh can potentially even increase the screen size without having to redesign the entire dashboard.

  2. Looks like the screen gets much bigger. I'm sure Hyundai is doing this just to consolidate the different types of head units they use.

  3. Of course they use the same parts as the current model (Except for the top part of the dash).
    As this is NOT an all new Tucson. Just a mid-cycle "facelift". Which usually means only new front and rear ends.

  4. I see you’re hanging out around the Javits center while they off load the cars for the NY show, smart way to get a peek! I remember years back seeing all that years Chrysler concept vehicles lined up on the side street awaiting getting moved inside. Should be a good show!

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