2019 Jaguar iPace EV

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This looks pretty fantastic. Inside and out.
And very close to the concept .
It has a 298 miles range. And 80% if it can be recharged in 85 or 40mn, depending on the charger used. 
It has two motors for a combined 395HP.
No word on US pricing yet. 
It will be available, at least in Europe, starting today (!) Prices start at 63 500 pounds in England.
Which is slightly above the big XJ sedan. Which is about $75 000 in the US.
So this would compete directly agains the Tesla model S. Even though it is much more compact.
But, it is a Jag after all. And the interior is hugely better than any Tesla .
(Finally, the return of wood in a Jaguar interior!)
So far it all seems great….

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  1. Can't help but wonder how much of this new styling will transfer to the next XJ.. as much as I love the classic Jaguars of the past, this new style could be the breath of fresh air it so desperately needs!

  2. Looks great. Doesn't look like a Jaguar at all, but great.

    Seems like $75k for a compact electric hatchback that looks just like pretty much any other $25k hatchback will be a tough sell….

  3. Curious to understand how a compact CUV competes with a full sized Model S sedan…beyond the fact they're both electric???

  4. Beautiful CUV…well done! However, haven't Jag's had a history of poor electrical systems? If that's the case – it'll be a tough sell for them to sell an electric car 😀

  5. I disagree, I have never been a big fan of wood inside a car or suv. Piano black or carbon fiber for me please, however this one is out of my budget anyway.

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