2019 Kia K900

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 The top picture is the all new 2019 model.

And it’s one of these designs that doesn’t obviously look better than the current one. I don’t think there was much wrong with the design in the first place. I heard driving dynamics were just not at the level of its competition.
Which hopefully is addressed in the new one.
But it did look fine.

Another story inside, were it really is all different.

I sat in the current model a few times. And it is truly luxurious.
But it looks like the new one is simpler and more attractive.

I hate to say this, (Kia must hate hearing that) but these are probably fantastic used cars….

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  1. I think the new version is an improvement over the current version. I just don't quite understand the point of this car in Kia's lineup, though. Hyundai/Kia/Genesis need to sort out their brand missions.

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