2019 Kia Sedona

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 Small changes for the new year. The usual mid-cycle things, like a new grille, bumper, and lights…
It is also getting an 8 speed auto. And, at least in Korea, a new 2.2 Liter Diesel.
(Current model is the bottom pic)

 Inside, there is, in Korea, this rather weird 4 row seat option that makes the Sedona look like an airport shuttle…

The 2019 version is on top, and you can see there is pretty much zero changes inside.

Which is all fine. The Sedona is still a really nice looking Minivan. (I especially like the car like console and shifter inside. )

So that’s it for the great Kia Sedona news today kids!

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  1. The current grille looks far better than the cheap looking generic grille for 2019. The new grille makes this blend into the sea of boredom.

  2. Is that grille from 1995? Why would they change that? To that?? Super dated grid instead of a more modern point mesh…

  3. I am not sure why would anyone consider this over a Honda or Toyota offering. This just looks so dated and bland, like they didn't try at all. The front is just so, god I don't know what to say.

    I think this in general is the problem with KIA; they can't make up there mind what kind of car company they want to be. Economy or luxury (K900). People aren't going to drop $60K on a K900 when they are also trying to push cars like this along side.

  4. That grille is worse than the actual one BUT, calm down people, look at this pic of the 2014 Kia Carnival, it has the same grille. SO my guess is that the new one for Asia has the same grille and different bumper.

  5. I can understand with no alternatives to buy a minivan, but the majority of the families do not have more than 2 kids. Why would you ever want to buy a minivan?

  6. i think this Kia Sedona looks much better then the Honda and Toyota minivans of current. Inside and out, everything looks great.

  7. I’m not sure why Kia is still bothering with this vehicle when the popularity of the minivan segment has diminished and Honda/Toyota/Chrysler seem to own what’s left of it. If Kia is supposed to be a sporty performance brand, then why is it selling a minvan?

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