2019 Lexus UX

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For those who were wondering what the huge grille and weird current Lexus design would look like on a small SUV, here it is.
For the rest of us, this is a gross mess.
There are enough lines here (many of them going nowhere) to design 2 more cars.

And what about these weird rear lights sticking out (WTF???)

 The interior seems fine. Compared to the exterior…

Lexus calls the UX  a “brave design”. I will let you be the judge of that…

Otherwise, nothing really new. It even has that “small sunroof positioned way back so it’s basically useless” that newer cars try to avoid.
The one really new thing is the all new 2.0 Liter engine. (A hybrid is also available in Europe)

I really hope the new Cadillac “no doubt 100 times better looking” XT4 competes with this. (Although it might be a bit larger)

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  1. Dear God that's bad. Love i or hate it, at least the NX is the full embodiment of this styling direction. But this UX takes a horrible turn. Yikes. or is it yucks? (UX? Yucks? hmmm.)

  2. Lexus has surpass itself in terms developing the next level of ugliness with the UX! Now they made it to be even underpowered, so people will notice the UX trying to accelerate into traffic and passing in traffic. Good job Lexus!

  3. I see it still has the terrible infotainment system that has the horrible "mousepad". Lexus has lost its way.

  4. This trend of luxury brands to encroach with small vehicles into mass market territory can only bring the brand down unless they can justify the premium to the fools with something really special. IMHO the X1 and A3 have not done any favours to the respective brands, and the only exception so far is the XC40.

  5. I'm in the minority here, but I think this looks good. Not classic or pretty for sure, but for the segment it will really stand out. It definitely looks a bit odd, but I imagine it will look pretty good in black. The interior is good as well, especially from the passenger's view.

  6. Hahahahahahaha…. oh Lexus, this is the best April 1st joke ever!!! You guys… what a sense of humor you have!!!

    What, its only March 6, April 1st is still 26 days away??? OMG… they are seriously smoking some bad granola.

    "Lexus calls the UX a "brave design"." I would say so.

  7. That's hideous! By the way, the XT4 will compete with the NX. The XT5 is closer in size to the RX. .

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