2019 Subaru Forester teaser

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I have to admit, I had completely forgotten about the Forester…

But I guess there is an all new one on the way. March 28th exactly.
Subaru sold over 177 000 of them last year. Quite a lot for a small company. So don’t expect anything drastic with the new one.

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  1. Between this and the new Ascent, Subaru sales (which are already thru the roof) are going to really skyrocket. I wonder if they are going to make this new Forester slightly larger than the current one.

  2. Subarus flexible global platform sounds a lot like Toyotas TNGA. I bet there's a reason Rav4 is new at the same time as this Forester.

  3. Forester is classify as a compact class but it smaller in cargo volume to that of the RAV-4 and CR-V. So I expect a bigger Forester in the new 2019 model.

  4. This will probably be another snooze worthy design from Subaru. It seems to work for them, though. The only thing I don’t get is the brand’s tendency to create interesting concepts that seem to always morph into rather dull looking production vehicles. I realize that the concepts attract the public’s interest, but it seems a bit counterproductive when the production versions never live up to the potential of the concepts. Oh well, it doesn’t seem to be derailing Subaru’s sales momentum.

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